You might be a newbie or just simply getting back in the seat after some time off. Here are some OMG need-to-know tips and spin etiquette to make sure you enjoy the ride:

OMG Style

You will definitely work up a sweat so make sure to wear clothing that will keep you cool n’ dry. Sporting a tee or tank on top and form-fitting pants or shorts on the bottom would be what we suggest. As for the shoes, no wedges or stilettos here… cycling shoes are required for all classes. If you don’t have your own kicks, don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered. Just arrive ahead of time before class or reserve a pair online.


We can’t say this enough – drink, drink, drink! Make sure to have water before, during, and after your ride. If you forget your water don’t worry… we have water available for sale in the studios. Water is $1! Yep that’s it!

Eat Something

Make sure you eat a little something before your ride. You’re going to get a total body workout so be good to your body and give it a little snack about 30 minutes before your class.

Book Your Bike

A bike is a must for spin! It’s best to reserve your bike ahead of time to guarantee a spot in the class. Otherwise, arrive early to snag a seat! If you’re a newbie, don’t head straight to the back – a bike up front will make it easier to follow along.

Form is Important

You’ll want to make sure your seat is at the right height. The seat should also be able to slide forward or back depending on what feels best. Make sure your neck and back are not strained by making sure the handlebars are in the right position. When you clip in, the balls of the feet should rest on the center of the pedal and the kneecap should be aligned directly with the center. Need help? Just ask one of our OMG team members for assistance.

What’s With the Numbers

No, it’s not math class but you do need to know the lingo. Some instructors will call out numbers for different hand positions on the bars. “Position 1” is usually called for gripping the center bar (aka “home base”) for warm-ups and cool-downs. “Position 2” is where the hands will be for most of the class – right on the bar that crosses the body. “Position 3” is typically used when you’re out of the saddle, standing and climbing up hill.

Manage Your Resistance

No real gears here, but there is a knob that you can use to change the resistance (or computer!). This will control how hard you choose to work your muscles. This is your ride so listen to your body and change it as needed.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Yes you’re going to sweat so be prepared. Keeping a small towel draped over the handlebars will come in handy. Your face is gonna need it! Towels can be reserved online prior to your class. Remember to reserve one when you’re booking your class. It will be waiting for you in your cubby.