OMGCYCLE was founded to take you on a fitness journey of a lifetime. OMGCYCLE’s purpose is for all to find peace of mind, that burning desire in our hearts, and to sooth the soul. Many fitness routines have been tried and time and time again cycling is noted to be the most therapeutic and meditative. You can burn up to 800 calories in a full-body cycle workout. When you’re on the bike it’s all about you. With every rotation you’re creating more energy and building stamina. You can literally feel the power within your own body. It’s your time and you control your resistance.

OMGCYCLE’s SYNERGY logo is representation of constant movement! We want everyone who comes into OMGCYCLE to feel at home! If you’re in the mood for Yoga, Barre or Spin…  We have everything to meet all your needs!  You can choose one to entertain or all! Its up to you!

The OMG staff will help you and show you what to do! You just need to show up and enjoy the ride! Will help you keep moving!

OMG Cycle’s goal is to help you find that divine strength we’ve all been given while building a strong mind, body and soul.

Albert Einstein said:

life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving

So we invite you to be inspired, grow, and have fun with our team at OMG!